Schools report 2011


Prohibiting all corporal punishment in schools: Global Report 2011


Published by

Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children


Publication date

July 2011


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“Children do not lose their human rights by virtue of passing through the school gates.”

Committee on the Rights of the Child, General Comment No.1, 2001


Corporal punishment of children – wherever it occurs and whoever the perpetrator – breaches their fundamental rights to protection from all forms of violence and to respect for their human dignity. Its legality breaches their right to equality under the law. When it happens in schools, corporal punishment also violates children’s right to education.

This report is a call to action. Designed for advocacy use, it covers:

  • The human rights imperative to prohibit corporal punishment in schools and all settings
  • Research on the prevalence of corporal punishment in schools in all regions
  • Global progress towards prohibition of corporal punishment in schools
  • Why prohibition must come about through law reform
  • Key elements of implementing and enforcing prohibition in schoolsResources to support the promotion, enactment and implementation of prohibition.

A new global report on prohibiting corporal punishment in schools was published by the Global Initiative and Save the Children in May 2015. Click here to read the new report.


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