Answers to frequently asked questions


Prohibiting all corporal punishment of children: Answers to frequently asked questions


Published by

Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children & Save the Children Sweden


Publication date

July 2017


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Albanian, English, French, Russian, Spanish


When we think about prohibiting all corporal punishment of children many questions arise, particularly in relation to the purpose of a legal ban and what prohibition will mean for parents and family life. The first in this series of booklets aims to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions and dispel common misperceptions about the reasons for prohibition and its impact on families.

The second booklet aims to provide answers to these questions in a way that is accessible to children and young people.

Specific questions often arise when moves are made to prohibit corporal punishment in schools. The final booklet in the series provides answers to some of these questions and aims to help clarify the key issues involved.

Together the booklets should give parents and carers, government officials, education professionals and others working towards prohibition of corporal punishment the confidence to pursue legal reform and move a step closer to realising children’s right to protection from all forms of violence in all settings.

The booklets are also available in AlbanianFrench, MandarinRussian and Spanish, and will soon be available in Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese and Thai.


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