European Committee of Social Rights: Republic of Moldova


(January 2016, Conclusions 2015)

“In its previous conclusion the Committee held that the situation was not in conformity with the Charter as there was no explicit prohibition of corporal punishment of children in the home.

“The Committee notes from another source (Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment of Children) that corporal punishment is prohibited in the home. In 2008, the Family Code (2001) was amended to establish the right of the child “to be protected against abuse, including corporal punishment by his parents or persons who replace them” (Article 53). Article 62 of the Code states that the methods chosen by parents in educating their children will exclude abusive behaviour, insults and ill-treatments of all types, discrimination, psychological and physical violence, corporal punishments.

“The Committee also notes that corporal punishment is prohibited in schools and in institutions.”

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