European Committee of Social Rights: Finland


(January 2012, Conclusions 2011)

"The Committee notes that the situation which it has previously considered to be in conformity with the Charter has not changed."

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(2007, Conclusions XVIII-1, vol.1)

"The Committee recalls that the situation, which was found to be in conformity with the charter, has not changed. The Child Custody and Right of Access Act (No. 361/1983) provides that a child must not be subdued, corporally punished or otherwise humiliated."

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(1 January 2001, Conclusions XV-2 vol. 1, pages 169-172)

"The Committee recalls that the Child Custody and Right of Access Act 1984 prohibits the abuse of children and that this includes the corporal punishment of children and other humiliating treatment…."

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(1 January 1996, Conclusions XIII-3, pages 386-387)

"As regards measures taken to prevent the ill-treatment of children, the report stated that corporal punishment under any circumstances had been prohibited since 1984…."

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