European Committee of Social Rights: Bulgaria


(January 2012, Conclusions 2011)

"As regards corporal punishment of children, the Committee notes from another source that corporal punishment is prohibited in the home. Article 11(2) of the Child Protection Act (2000) states: ‘Every child has a right to protection against all methods of upbringing, that undermine his or her dignity, against physical or other types of violence; against all forms of influence, which go against his or her interests.’ According to the same source, corporal punishment is unlawful in schools and in institutions."

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(2006, Conclusions 2006, vol. 1, pages 114-115)

"The Committee previously asked whether all forms of corporal punishment of children were prohibited, including corporal punishment within the family. According to the report there is no explicit prohibition of corporal punishment in Bulgaria. However it cites the Child Protection Act 2000, which stipulates that children shall have the right to be protected against any activities, which violate their dignity, and includes any physical or psychological violence and all forms of influence, which are not in a child’s interest. The Home Violence Protection Act 2005 protects child victims of domestic violence.

"The Committee highlights that where legislation which may be interpreted as prohibiting all forms of corporal punishment is relied upon by a state party it must be accompanied by strong evidence that such legislation is so interpreted and applied and that the necessary measures have been taken to ensure that there is widespread awareness of this. The Committee asks the next report to provide such evidence."

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(30 September 2004, Conclusions 2004 Vol. 1, page 55)

"The Committee asks whether corporal punishment within and outside the family is explicitly prohibited by the existing legislation….

Pending receipt of the information requested, in particular regarding any form of exploitation of children other than sexual and about corporal punishment, the Committee defers its conclusion."

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