African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child: Madagascar

Session 25 (2015)

([August 2015], ACERWC, Concluding observations on initial report, paras. 25 and 26)

“The Committee notes with regret that the State Party promotes corporal punishment in the family as a way of domestic disciplining. However, the Committee has a strong stand that corporal punishment should be banned in all settings taking its negative impact on the physical, mental and psychological wellbeing of the child into consideration; and that State Parties should introduce positive disciplining mechanisms at home. Therefore, the Committee recommends that the State Party legally proscribes corporal punishment and promote positive disciplining without physically or verbally harming the child.

“Despite the measures taken by the Government to protect children from abuse and torture, the Committee laments that many children are victims of sexual violence and corporal punishments. The Committee reprehends these violations and regrets that many of the sexual abuses are perpetrated by family members. Consequently, the Committee urges the State Party to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of sexual violence and ensures no impunity, and encourages the society to report such cases and stop stigmatization against those who report sexual abuse by family members.  In addition, the Committee recommends that the State Party banns corporal punishment in all settings including home and schools.”

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