Human Rights Committee: Pakistan

HRC session 120 (2017)

([July 2017], CCPR/C/PAK/CO/1, Concluding observations on initial report, Advance unedited version, paras. 13 and 14)

“The Committee is concerned that, despite efforts made by the State party, violence against women is still prevalent. It is particularly concerned that so-called honour killings continue to occur; qisas and diyat laws are reportedly applied to some of these cases and some jirgas in remote areas continue to exercise jurisdiction over these cases…

“The State party should continue its efforts to:…

(b)        Effectively enforce anti-honour killings laws, anti-rape law and other relevant laws criminalizing violence against women and domestic violence, and monitor their enforcement throughout the territory;

(c)        Enforce the prohibition of the application of qisas and diyat laws to so-called honour-related crimes and continue to regulate and supervise jirgas;”

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