Human Rights Committee: Indonesia

HRC session 108 (2013)

(21 August 2013, CCPR/C/IND/CO/1, Concluding observations on initial report, para. 15)

"The Committee regrets the use of corporal punishment in the penal system, particularly in Aceh province, where the Acehnese Criminal Law (Qanun Jinayah), inter alia, provides for penalties that violate article 7 of the Covenant, such as flogging, for offences against the qanun (by-law) governing attire, the qanun khalwat (prohibiting a man and a woman from being alone in a quiet place) and the qanun khamar (prohibiting the consumption of alcohol). The Committee also regrets that the execution of these sentences by sharia police (Wilayatul Hisbah) disproportionately affects women (arts. 2, 3, 7 and 26).

The State party should take practical steps to put an end to corporal punishment in the penal system and in all settings. In this regard, the State party should repeal the Acehnese Criminal Law (Qanun Jinayah), which permits the use of corporal punishment in the penal system. The State party should act vigorously to prevent any use of corporal punishment under this law as a form of punishment for criminal offences until it is repealed."

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