Human Rights Committee: Georgia

HRC session 111 (2014)

([July 2014], CCPR/C/GEO/CO/4 Advance Unedited Version, Concluding observations on fourth report, para. 9)

"While acknowledging the measures taken to combat domestic violence, including the criminalization of domestic violence in June 2012, the Committee is concerned that domestic violence remains underreported due to gender stereotypes and lack of due diligence of law enforcement officers in investigating such cases, insufficient protection measures for victims, including insufficient enforcement of restrictive and protective orders and limited number of State-funded shelters and support services. The Committee also notes with concern that corporal punishment, especially in the home, traditionally continues to be accepted and practised as a formĀ  of discipline by parents and guardians (arts. 2, 3, 6, 7, 24 and 26).

The State party should strengthen its efforts to prevent and combat all forms of domestic violence by ensuring the effective implementation of the existing relevant legal and policy frameworks, including by: ...

e) taking practical steps, including through legislative measures where appropriate, to put an end to corporal punishment in all settings, encouraging non-violent forms of discipline as alternatives to corporal punishment, and conducting public information campaigns to raise awareness about its harmful effects."

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