Committee on the Rights of the Child: Rwanda

Session 063 (2013)

(8 July 2013, CRC/C/RWA/CO/3-4, Concluding observations on third/fourth report, paras. 27 and 28)

"The Committee notes that Law No. 54/2011 prohibits some violent forms of punishment against children; however, the Committee is gravely concerned that: 

a) the use of corporal punishment is considered appropriate in education and is still widespread in all settings, including families and schools;

b) the draft ministerial order on general regulation of preschool, primary and secondary education, prohibiting corporal punishment in school has not yet been adopted;

c) there is an absence of legislation that explicitly prohibits corporal punishment in alternative care settings; and

d) parents have a “right of correction” under article 347 of the 1988 Civil Code, which may lead to corporal punishment. 

"The Committee urges the State party to:

a) develop the National Plan of Action to fight violence against children, based on the recommendations from the national conference held in 2011;

b) introduce sustained public education, awareness-raising and social mobilization programmes, involving children, families, communities and religious leaders, on the harmful effects, both physical and psychological, of corporal punishment, with a view to changing the general attitude towards this practice, and promote positive, non-violent and participatory forms of child-rearing and discipline as an alternative to corporal punishment in the family, schools, alternative care and penal institutions; 

c) immediately adopt and implement the ministerial order on prohibition of corporal punishment in schools and widely publicize the order in all educational institutions; 

d) explicitly prohibit corporal punishment of children in alternative care settings; 

e) immediately repeal all provisions that authorize corporal punishment, including the “right of correction” in the Civil Code; and

f) ensure adequate follow-up measures to all corporal punishment."

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Session 036 (2004)

(1 July 2004, CRC/C/15/Add.234, Concluding observations on second report, paras. 34 and 35)

"The Committee notes that the Rwandan legislation does not include an explicit prohibition of corporal punishment and is concerned at the persistent practice of corporal punishment by parents, teachers and law enforcement officers.

"The Committee recommends that the State party:

a) introduce legislation explicitly prohibiting corporal punishment;

b) make use of information and education campaigns to sensitize parents, teachers, other professionals working with children and the public at large to the harm caused by corporal punishment and promote alternative, nonviolent forms of discipline, as foreseen in article 28, paragraph 2, of the Convention;

c) investigate in an effective way reported cases of ill-treatment of children by law enforcement officers and ensure that appropriate legal action is taken against alleged offenders; and

d) provide for the care, recovery and rehabilitation of child victims, in the light of article 39 of the Convention."

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