Committee on the Rights of the Child: Hungary

Session 067 (2014)

(19 September 2014, CRC/C/HUN/CO/3-5 Advance Unedited Version, Concluding observations on third-fifth report, paras. 33 and 34)

"The Committee notes that the State party’s legislation prohibits the use of corporal punishment against children in all settings. However, it regrets that the prohibition is not implemented in the family and schools for lack of awareness and training on alternative forms of discipline, non-reporting and lack of penal response against perpetrators. The Committee is also concerned about the recent establishment of the institution of school guards who are responsible for maintaining discipline in schools and who are authorized to use physical force against children in some instances.  

"In the light of its General Comment No 8 (2008) on the right of the child to protection from corporal punishment and other cruel or degrading forms of punishment, the Committee urges the State party to implement the prohibition on the use of all forms of corporal punishment in all settings, in particular in the home, schools and public care institutions, and provide for enforcement mechanisms under its legislation, including appropriate sanctions in cases of violation. It also recommends that the State party strengthen and expand awareness-raising and education programmes and campaigns, in order to promote positive, non-violent and participatory forms of child rearing and discipline. Furthermore, the Committee recommends that the State party ensure that school guards are prohibited from using physical force against children under any circumstance."

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Session 041 (2006)

(17 March 2006, CRC/C/HUN/CO/2, Concluding observations on second report, paras. 3, 54 and 55)

"The Committee notes with appreciation a number of positive developments in the reporting period, including: 

d) the prohibition of corporal punishment in the home by amendment of the Act on the Protection of Children in 2004….

"The Committee is concerned that corporal punishment in schools, despite being prohibited by the Hungarian Child Education Act, continues to occur.

"The Committee recommends that the State party undertake measures, including corrective ones, in order to sensitise professionals within the educational system, in particular teachers, about their obligation to refrain from resorting to corporal punishment. In addition, the Committee recommends that awareness-raising campaigns be implemented in order to inform children of their rights."

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