Committee on the Rights of the Child: Central African Republic

Session 074 (2017)

(8 March 2017, CRC/C/CAF/CO/2, Concluding observations on second report, paras. 6, 7, 38 and 39)

“The Committee notes the draft law on the protection of the child but is concerned about some provisions not being fully aligned with the Convention.

“The Committee recommends that the State party ensure that the draft law on the protection of the child is promptly adopted and is fully aligned with the Convention and, in particular, ensure that the language is gender-sensitive; that the prohibition of discrimination encompasses all grounds; that the guiding principle regarding adoption is the best interests of the child; that corporal punishment is explicitly prohibited in all settings; that girls are not criminalized for their sexual and reproductive health choices; and that child victims have access to physical and psychological rehabilitation and health services.”

“The Committee notes the State party’s intention to prohibit corporal punishment but remains concerned that it is still not prohibited in all settings, in particular in the home, alternative care, schools and penal institutions and is very concerned at the extremely high levels of violent “disciplining” endured by children.

“In the light of its general comment No. 8 (2006) on the right of the child to protection from corporal punishment and other cruel or degrading forms of punishment, the Committee recommends that the State party:

(a) Prohibit corporal punishment in all settings in the draft law on the protection of the child;

(b) Review its legislation, in particular the Family Code of 1997, the Criminal Code of 2010, the Constitution of 2004, Imperial Order No. 79/077 covering protection of youth of 1979 and law No. 280 of 1961 to include prohibition of corporal punishment in child-rearing;

(c) Promote positive, non-violent and participatory forms of child-rearing and discipline.”

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Session 025 (2000)

(18 October 2000, CRC/C/15/Add.138, Concluding observations on initial report, paras. 44 and 45)

"The Committee is concerned at incidents of police brutality and corporal punishment committed against children, notably in Bangui.

"The Committee recommends that the State party end all acts of violence against children, including corporal punishment, committed by, among others, members of the police forces. The Committee also recommends that the State party provide child rights training programmes for police and detention officials."

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