Committee on the Rights of the Child: Belgium

Session 054 (2010)

(18 June 2010, CRC/C/BEL/CO/3-4, Concluding observations on third/fourth report, paras. 7, 8, 39 and 40)

"The Committee welcomes efforts by the State party to implement the Committee’s concluding observations on the State party’s second report in 2002 (CRC/C/15/Add.178). However, some recommendations have not been given sufficient follow-up.

"The Committee urges the State party to take all necessary measures to address those recommendations from the concluding observations of the State party’s second periodic report that have not yet been, or not sufficiently, implemented including those related in particular to coordination, data collection, discrimination against children living in poverty, the right of the child to be heard, corporal punishment and juvenile justice. In this context, the Committee draws the attention of the State party to its general comment No. 5 (2004) on general measures of implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

"The Committee is concerned that the State party has not taken the necessary measures to ensure that corporal punishment in the family and non-institutional childcare settings is explicitly prohibited by law.

"In light of its general comment No. 8 (2006) on the right of the child to protection from corporal punishment and other cruel or degrading forms of punishment and its previous recommendations (CRC/C/15/Add.178, para. 24(a)), the Committee urges the State party to prohibit corporal punishment of children in all settings, notably in family and in non-institutional childcare settings as a matter of priority. The Committee also recommends that the State party conduct awareness raising campaigns and parenting education programmes to ensure that nonviolent alternative forms of discipline are used, in a manner consistent with the child’s human dignity."

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Session 030 (2002)

(13 June 2002, CRC/C/15/Add.178, Concluding observations on second report, paras. 23 and 24)

"The Committee notes with satisfaction the numerous initiatives taken in the area of child abuse, including sexual abuse, such as the Law on the Criminal Protection of Minors (of 28 November 2000), amendments to the Criminal Code and the adoption of article 22 bis of the Constitution concerning the protection of the child’s moral, physical and sexual integrity. But it remains concerned that corporal punishment is not expressly prohibited by law.

"The Committee recommends that the State party:

a) take legislative measures to prohibit corporal punishment of children in the family, in schools and in institutions;

b) continue to carry out public education campaigns about the negative consequences of corporal punishment, and promote positive, non-violent forms of discipline;

c) establish effective procedures and mechanisms to receive, monitor and investigate complaints, and to intervene where necessary...."

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Session 009 (1995)

(20 June 1995, CRC/C/15/Add.38, Concluding observations on initial report, para. 15)

"…The Committee further encourages the State party to consider reforming its legislation with a view to ensuring the prohibition of corporal punishment within the family."

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