Committee Against Torture: Yemen

CAT session 044 (2010)

(25 May 2010, CAT/C/YEM/CO/2/Rev.1, Concluding observations on second report, para. 18)

"The Committee remains concerned that certain criminal sanctions (or hadd penalties) such as floggings, beatings and even amputation of limbs are still prescribed by law and practised in the State party, in violation of the Convention. The Committee is also concerned at reports that courts across the country impose sentences of flogging almost daily for alleged alcohol and sexual offences, and that such floggings are carried out immediately, in public, without appeal. It is also concerned at the wide discretionary powers of judges to impose these sanctions and that they may be imposed in a discriminatory way against different groups, including women (arts. 1, 2 and 16).

The State party should put an end immediately to such practices and modify its legislation accordingly, especially with regard to the discriminatory effects of such criminal sanctions on different groups, including women, in order to ensure its full compatibility with the Convention."

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CAT session 031 (2003)

(5 February 2004, CAT/C/CR/31/4, Concluding observations on initial report, paras. 6 and 7)

"The Committee expresses its concern about the following:

b) the nature of some criminal sanctions, in particular flogging and amputation of limbs, which may be in breach of the Convention….

"The Committee recommends that the State party:

b) take all appropriate measures to ensure that criminal sanctions are in full conformity with the Convention…."

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