Committee Against Torture: Togo

CAT session 049 (2012)

(11 December 2012, CAT/C/TGO/CO/2, Concluding observations on second report, para. 19)

"The Committee is concerned that corporal punishment of children is prohibited in schools but not in social or family situations, where it is reported to be “common and socially acceptable provided that it remains proportionate” (art. 16).

The State party should amend its criminal legislation, particularly Act No. 2007-017 of 6 July 2007 on the Children’s Code, so as to prohibit and criminalize all forms of corporal punishment of children in all environments and contexts, in accordance with international standards."

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CAT session 036 (2006)

(28 July 2006, CAT/C/TGO/CO/1, Concluding observations on initial report, para. 19)

"The Committee has noted the worrying detention conditions prevailing in Togo, in particular in Lomé and Kara prisons. The most widespread problems are overcrowding and a shortage of food, poor hygiene and a lack of material, human and financial resources. The treatment of prisoners remains a matter of concern to the Committee. Cases of corporal punishment for disciplinary offences have been reported. Often women and children are not held separately from men and adults, and persons awaiting trial are not separated from those serving sentence (art. 11).

The State party should put an end to practices that run counter to the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners. It should also take immediate steps to reduce overcrowding in prisons and the number of people held in pretrial detention, and to ensure that women and children are held separately from men and adults and that persons awaiting trial are separated from those serving sentence."

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