Committee Against Torture: Czech Republic

CAT session 048 (2012)

(13 July 2012, CAT/C/CZE/CO/4-5, Concluding observations on fourth/fifth report, para. 22)

"The Committee is concerned about the widespread tolerance of corporal punishment in the State party and the absence of legislation explicitly prohibiting it. It is also concerned about the provision in Act No. 94/1963 Coll. Family Act which states that parents have the right to use ‘adequate educational measures’ and that the issue will be addressed in a similar manner in the new Civil Code (arts. 2 and 16).

 The Committee recommends that the State party amend its legislation, including the Family Act and the new Civil Code, with a view to introducing an explicit prohibition against corporal punishment in all settings. The State party should carry out awareness-raising campaigns among the general public regarding the unacceptability of and the harm done by corporal punishment."

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