Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women: Tuvalu

CEDAW session 044 (2009)

(7 August 2009, CEDAW/C/TUV/CO/2, Concluding observations on initial/second report, paras. 39 and 40)

"The Committee welcomes the achievements in the field of education in the context of the Education for Life programme, including the achievement Millennium Development Goal 2 on universal primary education and an adult literacy rate of 95 per cent, and it also notes the State party's geographical constraints. However, the Committee is ... concerned that corporal punishment continues to be lawful in schools under article 29 of the Education Act (1976) and article 226 of the Penal Code, although it is not regularly used.

"The Committee ... recommends that the State party prohibit the use of corporal punishment in schools."

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