Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women: Sierra Leone

CEDAW session 057 (2014)

(10 March 2014, CEDAW/C/SLE/CO/6, Concluding observations on sixth report, paras. 28 and 29)

"The Committee expresses concern about: ...

e) the continued practice of corporal punishment in schools.

"The Committee recommends that the State party: ...

e) explicitly prohibit corporal punishment in all settings."

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CEDAW session 038 (2007)

(11 June 2007, CEDAW/C/SLE/CO/5, Concluding observations on initial-fifth report, paras. 24 and 25)

"While welcoming the domestic violence bill of 2006, the Committee is deeply concerned about the high levels of violence against women, including rape and sexual assault. The Committee is particularly concerned about the persistence of customary law and cultural practices that consider the physical chastisement of family members, in particular women, acceptable....

"The Committee urges the State party to place the highest priority on implementing a comprehensive approach to address all forms of violence against women, including the speedy enactment and the full implementation of the bill on domestic violence. It encourages the State party to make full use of the

Committee's general recommendation 19 in its efforts to address violence against women. It urges the State party to raise public awareness through media and education programmes that all forms of violence against women, incuding domestic violence, are unacceptable...."

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