Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women: Bangladesh

CEDAW session 048 (2011)

(22 March 2011, CEDAW/C/BGD/CO/7, Concluding observations on seventh report, paras. 19 and 20)

"... The Committee notes with concern ... that despite the High Court's decision that the extrajudicial punishments fatwas are illegal, there are reports of illegal penalties being enforced through shalish rulings to punish 'anti-social and immoral behaviour'...

"The Committee urges the State party to give priority attention to combating violence against women and girls and to adopt comprehensive measures such as a national action plan to address all forms of violence against women and girls, in accordance with its general recommendation No. 19 (1992). It calls upon the State party to expeditiously: ... b) ... ensure that shalish decisions do not violate laws and do not lead to extrajudicial penalties...."

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