Prohibition of all corporal punishment in Argentina (2014)

The Civil and Commercial Code 2014 was passed by the Senate in February 2014 and by the House of Representatives in October 2014, and was promulgated by the President on 7 October 2014 in a ceremony at the Bicentennial Museum in Buenos Aires. It will come into force in January 2016.

The prohibition of corporal punishment is found in Title VII of the Code (“Parental Responsibility”), Chapter 2 (“Duties and rights of parents: General rules”), article 647 (“Prohibition of ill-treatment):

All forms of corporal punishment, ill-treatment and any act that physically or mentally injures or impairs children and adolescents are prohibited.
Parents may request the assistance of guidance services by state agencies.”

The new Code will replace the Civil Code 1869, which in article 278 provides for the “power to correct”. There is no such power in the new Code.


Further information

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