Global progress towards prohibition of all corporal punishment of children

Countdown to prohibition

Up to date facts and figures about progress towards universal prohibition of all corporal punishment of children.

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Legality tables

Global and regional tables showing the legality of corporal punishment in every setting - the home, alternative care settings, day care, schools, penal institutions and as a sentence for crime.

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Reports on every state and territory

Individual reports for each state and territory in the world, describing the law relevant to corporal punishment of children in every setting and the reform needed in order to achieve prohibition, as well as summaries of relevant prevalence and attitudinal research, treaty body recommendations on the issue, information on upcoming examinations by treaty bodies and the Universal Periodic Review, and links to national and regional campaigns for prohibition.

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States which have prohibited all corporal punishment

For states which have achieved prohibition of corporal punishment in the home and all other settings, details of how the relevant legislation was passed and, where available, information on measures to support awareness raising on the prohibition and links to the full texts of relevant laws.

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This is an automatic translation service. Extracts from laws, treaty body recommendations and Universal Periodic Review outcomes are unofficial translations.