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Web resources for parents and teachers on discipline without corporal punishment: E - M

Last modified: 27/11/08

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Education World
An extensive collection of resources related to child development and discipline aimed primarily at teachers. There is a database of almost 100 classroom management resources, and useful links to other sites. Articles available on the website include:

Eli Newberger
This website makes available Chapter 6 "Discipline and Punishment" of Eli Newberger's book The men they will become: the nature and nurture of male character. It offers a critical perspective on corporal punishment and its effects on boys, and on some of the alternatives available, and introduces Inductive Discipline which builds on the loving relationship between adult and child, the distinction between feelings and behaviour, and the importance of reason in setting rules that are acceptable to boys.

Empathic Parenting
This is the website of the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, containing a number of articles against the use of physical punishment of children and promoting positive parenting. Key features of the approach are the ability of the parent to identify the child's feelings and to behave in ways which take those feelings into account. Useful articles include two written by the psychologist Penelope Leach:

Empowering People
This website hosts the Positive Discipline home page which includes resources for parents and teachers, and information about research on positive discipline in the home and in school. Resources include:

This is the parents' site of the National Family and Parenting Institute (see below), offering advice and information to parents and promoting non-violent discipline. Resources include:

    • The Behaviour Directory - a web based review of support and advice materials from various organisations concerning young children's behaviour. It covers books, leaflets, videos, websites, and resources on more worrying behaviour. The promotion of positive alternatives to smacking and shouting is one of the principal criteria for inclusion in the Directory. Available at
    • Over the top behaviour in the under tens - booklet that aims to help parents distinguish between "normal" bad behaviour and more worrying behaviour. It gives advice on managing behaviour and signposts where to go for help with more serious problems. Available at
    • From breakfast to bedtime - booklet offering advice and tips from parents on coping with the difficult times in the day - the morning rush, supermarket shopping, playing with friends, and evening routines. It advises against shouting at children, though does not mention smacking. Booklet available at; booklet with video available by telephoning 01455 852244.

Family Works Inc.
The Parenting Wisely programme is an interactive CD-ROM programme aimed at parents of children aged 8-18 years, with separate versions for young children, teenagers, and children in foster and residential care, focusing on how to deal with stressful situations with children without the use of physical punishment. The website contains information on extensive research supporting the approach advocated, which has been used in the UK, the US, Canada and the Caribbean. The software packages range in price from $299 to $749. Free samples are available on the website.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids
This group of law enforcement professionals, victims of violence, and academics in the USA provides coaching in parenting skills that focus on nurturing parent child relationships in which there is no place for corporal punishment. Research by the group shows that through these skills, most abuse and neglect in high-risk families can be prevented and that this will reduce adult violent crime. Resources include:

    • New Hope for Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect: Proven solutions to save lives and prevent crime - report outlining research showing that most abuse and neglect in high risk families can be prevented through parenting skills training, and that this will reduce adult violent crime. Available at

The Forbidden Issue
The website of Alice Miller, an internationally recognised expert on the causes and effects of child abuse, and on violence and its cost to society. She is the author of For Your Own Good: The Roots of Violence in Child-rearing and other books about the damage to children of being physically punished by parents. The website includes summaries of these books and a number of articles outlining the arguments against corporal punishment and promoting non-punitive ways of bringing up children. Articles include:

    • The Ignorance or How we produce the Evil - on the importance of children's experiences for whether they learn love or violence, and on how corporal punishment is neither effective nor harmless; on the effects of smacking on the way a small child thinks and how this can become a vicious cycle when those children become parents themselves; and about how parents who were smacked as children can choose to break the cycle and not smack their own children. Available at
    • The Wellsprings of Horror in the Cradle - on the need to ban corporal punishment of children. Available at
    • The Roots of Violence - a 12 point summary of the lifelong effects of corporal punishment in childhood and on the positive outcomes of a childhood where corporal punishment is not used. Available at
    • Spanking is Counterproductive and Dangerous - on why corporal punishment is both ineffective and harmful to children. Available at
    • Every Smack is a Humiliation - A Manifesto. Available at
    • Information on all Alice Miller's (priced) books can be found at

Gentle Christian Mothers
A Christian website based on attachment parenting, for mothers who choose to use "gentle, loving discipline" and not physical punishment in bringing up their children. Articles include:

Gordon Training International
Thomas Gordon's Parent Effectiveness Training website includes information about his training for parents, teachers and leaders, free resources, and a section about relevant family research. The schools section provides information on Teacher Effectiveness Training and a number of articles promoting non-punitive disciplinary techniques. Resources include:

Institute for Peace and Justice
This includes the Parenting for Peace and Justice Network, an interfaith association of families who seek well-being, wholeness, peace, and justice for themselves and others, and who are opposed to corporal punishment. Also, the Families Against Violence Advocacy Network promotes non-violent discipline and publishes books and other resources for parents. Resources include:

James W. Prescott
James W. Prescott is a developmental neuropsychologist concerned with the causes of violence which he believes lie in our basic values and the way in which we use physical punishment and the denial of physical pleasure in bringing up our children. The website contains a number of articles outlining his research and promoting healthy parenting. Articles are available in English, German, French and Dutch, and include:

    • Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence - presents the results of cross cultural research and neurobiological studies by Prescott, and pointers for healthy parenting. Available at
    • The origins of peace and violence: deprivation of physical affection as a main cause of depression, aggression and drugs abuse - discusses the fact that cultures that punish infants or repress sexuality are violent. Available at
    • Child abuse in America: Slaughter of the innocents - makes clear the links between physical affection, physical punishment, physical abuse, and violence. Available at

Kelly's Attachment Parenting
This website was established by a parent with the aim of providing evidence-based information on attachment parenting. There are a number of articles relating to non-violent, non-punitive parenting, useful links to other sites, and details of a forthcoming book on Gentle Discipline. Useful articles include:

Kirklees Parenting Support Forum
As part of the Madressah Project, the Parent Support Forum has produced a booklet (Positive Parenting: Give your child the best start in life) aimed at Muslim parents which describes the benefits of positive parenting and how this approach is supported by Islam.

Learn Without Fear
This is a global campaign Launched by Plan International in 2008 which focuses on ending violence against children in schools. It targets three of the most common and damaging forms of violence in schools – sexual violence, bullying and corporal punishment, and will have a special focus on 49 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It aims to persuade governments to prohibit all forms of violence in schools, including corporal punishment, and to implement the prohibition. It will also involve working with school leaders and teachers to create violence-free schools and promote positive disciplinary methods. The campaign website is in English, in French and Spanish.

The launch of the campaign coincided with the publication of Plan’s most comprehensive global examination of school violence to date. The full report and summary is available in English, French and Spanish, together with reports of the research commissioned by Plan, on the campaign resources page.

Marvin Marshall
The Raise Responsibility System was developed by Dr Marvin Marshall to help parents and teachers to discipline children without using rewards or punishments. His approach is based on teaching and understanding four developmental levels of behaviour and enabling children to make guided choices. Dr Marshall's book, Discipline without stress, punishments or rewards, costs $39.95. Free articles available on the website include:

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