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Research on the effects of corporal punishment

    The evidence that corporal punishment is harmful to children, adults and societies is overwhelming. The more than 150 studies included in the Global Initiative’s review of research on the effects of corporal punishment show associations between corporal punishment and a wide range of negative outcomes, including:

    • direct physical harm

    • negative impacts on mental and physical health

    • poor moral internalisation

    • increased aggression in children

    • increased perpetration and experience of violence in adults

    • increased antisocial behaviour

    • poor cognitive development

    • damaged family relationships

    Intended for use by advocates for prohibition, the review illuminates how corporal punishment violates not just children’s right to freedom from all violence, but also their rights to health, development and education. It is available in both full and summary forms.

    Download the summary (Word/PDF) and review (Word/PDF).