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French Constitutional Council annuls article prohibiting the use of “corporal violence” against children

Several provisions of the Equality and Citizenship Law voted in December last year were annulled yesterday (26 January 2017) by the French Constitutional Council, including article 222 prohibiting the use of “corporal violence” against children.

Soon after the law was voted, opposition MPs referred it to the Constitutional Council and challenged the constitutionality of several of its provisions.…

Global report 2016 is out now

The year 2016 marked the 10th anniversary of the presentation of the World Report on Violence against Children to the UN General Assembly. The Global Initiative and Save the Children Sweden are delighted to present this year's edition of our annual global report, marking this 10th anniversary and celebrating the significant progress made towards universal prohibition of corporal punishment in the…

France passes law prohibiting the use of “corporal violence” against children

Updated 9 January 2017

On 22 December 2016, the French Parliament voted to pass the Equality and Citizenship Law. Article 68 of this law completes article 371-1 of the Civil Code as follows (amendment in bold, unofficial translation):

“Parental authority is a cluster of rights and duties whose finality is the interest of the child.

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